The project is to create thorough awareness of sexual harassment to all demographics and present preventive, curative and punitive measures to all. A team was formed on the 6th of June 2020. To deliberate on issues and ways to make a difference. With a total of 108 members .
The first discussion touched on a number of issues within the Scope of Sexual harassment.


1. Community outreach-rural areas/illiterates/grassroots/areas with high teenage pregnancy rates
2. Educating kids on the signs of adults taking advantage of them
3. Research work-figures & statistics and locations
4. Stories and animated illustrations for the kids
5. Teaching the parents about the risks out there
6. Ways to tackle religious groups
7. Getting victims to share their experiences
8. Establishing clinics/pharmacies that give out information on sexual health and harassment. Ridding pharmacists of their religious and moral biases that impede progress of sexual health knowledge- a change in attitude
9. The effects of the trauma on relationships

The first discussion touched on a number of issues within the Scope of Sexual harassment. Suggestions made included

10.Education on birth control, family planning etc for couples and singles.
11.Preach protection as much as abstinence
12.Early education leads to a more careful approach to decisions, forbidden fruit syndrome

13.Sexual &reproductive health education- STDs
14.Sensitizing men on predatory behaviours, thoughts and utterances
15.Legal Consequences for conspirators& perpetrators and dispute settlement

16.Therapy for victims
17.Labour laws and how to make them effective
18.Solutions to dealing with sexual harassment in the work place

We want to encourage :

Extensive early sex education & consent in schools and at home.
Sex education should include sexual abuse and everything related.
Preaching safe practices in addition to abstinence
Extensive sex education & consent to medical practitioners
Extensive education and consent to parents and guardian in order to identify predators and predatory behaviours in themselves and among others.
Parents must also be encouraged to prioritize the safety of their children over anything else. Encourage teaching about contraception
Encourage a closer relationship between parents and children to help the kids speak up to their parents without fear
Encourage resorting to taking legal/punitive measures against perpetrators
Encourage deterrents like publicity Shunning the perpetrators
Encourage religious family and societal leaders to demand accountability
Encourage teaching kids predatory behaviour indicators on strangers, neigbhbours, members in the community, family members, siblings, friends etc
Encourage therapy
Encourage legal action rather than domestic dispute settlement
Encourage punitive measures in the medical field for biased and judgemental practitioners .


We want to discourage :


Discourage shunning the victims rather than the perpetrators Discourage victim blaming by the parents and family
Discourage victim blaming, cultural and religious biases/ judgemental attitudes in the medical field and others
Discourage detrimental gender notions- revoke the normalcy status Discourage the culture of silence
Discourage/disprove myths and misconceptions around sex education

Break The Silence Movement by Epikouriagh intends to:

1. Partner and liaise with trained psychologists/psychological/mental health institutions to
help victims.
2. Partner and liaise with trained medical practitioners and institutions
3. Sexual harassment Education-to all demographics
4. Draw attention to the grave effects of our silence
5. Partner and liaise with trained legal professionals and institutions to help victims
6. Create a safe and welcoming enviroment for victims of all demographics especially mal evictims
7. Raise funds to assist needy victims in legal and psychological aid
8. Partner and liaise with media outlets across the country to raise awareness
9. Partner With the public and also inform them as well
10.Raise funds internally and externally to make the project a success.
11.Acquire statistics to support the facts.

Sexual harassment should not be settled at home, parties must report to the police for justice!