Who We Are

Epikouria Ghana, is a community based non-profit organization, that is focused on helping the vulnerable sects in the society , by making sure that they are adequately informed and duly integrated in socioeconomic development.

As part of our goals we seek to work toward the achievement of the millennium development goals; the second (zero hunger), the third (good health and wellbeing), fourth (quality education), fifth (gender equity ) and sixth (clean water and sanitation).

Our Mission and Vision

We envisage a society where we are actively involved in in building and framing systems, where the vulnerable is fully integrated in the mainstream of socioeconomic development

Our Mission

Create an effective and enabling environment, in which vulnerable segments of the society are adequately informed and fully integrated in the mainstream of national socioeconomic development.

Our Vision

Envisage a society which we are actively involved in building and framing, where the vulnerable are fully integrated into the mainstream of national and socioeconomic development.

Our Objectives

⦁ To promote good health through social mobilization, behavioral change,
Communication and other innovative strategies.
⦁ To advocate and promote gender equity and child protection.
⦁ To enhance access to services and resources that facilitate the integration of the Development of the economy by providing key population with life Supporting and entrepreneurial skills which include: Literacy, arts and craft Skills and other wage skills
⦁ Collaborate with key stakeholders and other social partners in delivery of Its mandates and policies
⦁ Train leaders to enhance national development by creating values and Practices which play a role in overcoming poverty for the disadvantaged at grassroots level.