About Us

Epikouria Ghana, was established in August 2018, by a group of concerned youth, who were concerned about the state of the vulnerable and helpless in the society, concerning social issues (e.g. health, economic, sanitation etc.).

We grew up in La, a community where we had so many social issues such as teenage pregnancy, rape, discrimination , improper health care, unemployment ,lack of social amenities and all other humanitarian and social issues and most social healthcare issues are left out to sit with the society without adequate solution and those at the grassroots level, who benefit less from the national cake are left with the option to resolve these issues on their own.

That is why Epikouria Ghana has set to help, by providing them with needed services both social and medical to integrate, especially the vulnerable and less privileged ones into socioeconomic development.As part of our goals we seek to work toward the achievement of the sustainable development goals; the second (zero hunger), the third (good health and wellbeing), fourth (quality education), fifth (gender equity) and sixth (clean water and sanitation) .

Since the 1980’s many people have formed independent, non-profit state-wide organizations that have initiated programs and services to promote the social intervention for health and sanitation issues.These organizations have become vital advocates for realistic relevant, science-based prevention programs. We seek to better and build upon that which has already been established.